CentOS/RHEL-based OS?

Hey guys, I’m fairly new to RockPi - I was wondering if there’s any intention on having a pre-made RHEL-based image? Mainly looking for CentOS.

I’m looking to make my own with the generic CentOS sbc image… http://mirror.facebook.net/centos-altarch/7.7.1908/isos/armhfp/

But I’m stuck at creating the u-boot portion. I went over the RADXA wiki, but it seems that it’s mainly for debian-based OS’s. And under the special interest group - there’s no entry for rock pi… however, there is support for other RK3399 sbc’s. https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/AltArch/armhfp

If anyone could help point me in the right direction for generating the u-boot, I’d appreciate it greatly. Thanks.

  • The reason I need CentOS, is because I’m trying to do some testing with NethServer. I could use another board for it, but I’m mainly interested in doing it with the Rock Pi 4, because it has m.2 capability. The other "R"pi is slow and bad. And I have the asus tink s, but it only has 16gb of internal emmc… then it’s just slow micro SD. And the pro 64 you need a PCI-E adapter for a m.2… which is really silly looking on a SBC.

In theory. It’s more like a copy & paste type of information. In reality its (still) more like:

This might help you:

[quote=“Kopono, post:1, topic:1940”]
I’m stuck at creating the u-boot portion.[/quote]

The link you provided includes “rock960-rk3399”.

Which is basically identical. They have common schematics and are designed and manufactured by the same people. It should “just work” if you treat it as a rock960.

Ah thank you guys!

Anyone managed to get CentOS working on the RockPi 4B or any other RK3399?

I see here are scripts to take an old CentOS image and replace the u-boot, kernel with ones from Armbian

Perhaps someone can modify it to use the latest CentOS, Armbian images and u-boot, kernel for RockPi 4?