Case/support PC Bracket for Rock PI 4

I made a support to put the Rock Pi 4 inside a PC, who wants can modify the will. I do not have a 3D printer and I had trouble finding a person who printed with high resolution, the result was unsatisfactory.:weary:
I also had difficulty finding 4 size-appropriate screws for the bracket, which comes with the heatsink is small, so I do not have photos of it inside the PC missing the screws.



Shame about printer but exceptionally cool idea. Maybe think about a 2x slot version that might also include the 1gb-eth and 2x usb 3.0 panel mounts and you could just get the cables?

Mega cool design! though well done.

I’m making another one with the USB ports facing out, this is missing time but soon I finish

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Hey @Pypirock haven’t really sorted how I am going to assemble this lot.

The base is just a cheap 5 bay 3.5" drive cage.

Where I have x4 sata hanging off one of these.

Would you make a box assembly or is it possible to print an all-in-one of such thin flat surfaces?

Well actually I have, I am just goig to stick the RockPi4 on top, but the pro enclosure I haven’t.

I think this model will serve better for what you are wanting to do, you can put it vertically or horizontally

the problem is always to find the appropriate screws

I was thinking about the whole enclosure Nas style the RockPi4 can use brass standoffs