Case for Zero3W

I just posted the case for the Zero3W on Thingiverse. The post includes .stl files for your 3D print slicer and instructions plus photos. My cases were printed on an Ender3V2 with MAXPLA, but choose your own filament and slicer specs.

Zero3w enclosure by eagleman1022 - Thingiverse](

The case includes:
Plunger to easily depress maskrom button from under case.
Opening for a 30mm x 30mm x 10mm cooling fan
Two snap on lids… GPIO access or not
Air flow cavity under board with space for 20mm x 30mm x 6mm heatsink
Space under lid for standard stick-on heat sinks for RK3566, Ram and comm module
Access to the SD card
Thanks to all of you that have helped this Linux newbie in the last month, I hope some of you can benefit by this neat little case.

Let me know if you can think of improvements.

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