Captcha-like power on behaviour


My Rock Pi E has unusual, never seen before power on behaviour.

When power fails, and returns, the Rock Pi E stays off. (all LEDs off) If connected via a Tuya “Smart” plug, and powering off/on remotely, the Rock Pi E stays off. When left alone for some time, it will turn off eventually, and stay off (possibly from a short blackout).

To turn it back on, it is necessary to physically travel to the Rock Pi E router, unplug its USB cable and replug it. (Maybe there is a button, but the effect would be the same) This effectively works as a kind of captcha to prevent automatic or remote startup.

I never noticed this behaviour on any other device (have no second RockPiE to test). Is this some kind of electrical bug, or is it intended behaviour?

Is there a way to circumvent it? Can it react to wakeonlan? Is it a setting in the bootloader? Are there special USB charging ports that can trigger or enable startup, even when not physically moving in a USB plug?

If it is on purpose, I imagine it had to be quiet a clever hack to detect the power-on way.