Can't flash eMMC from micro SSD

I have both an ssd and an emmc. When I just install eMMC, I get a message on the screen that I should flash it. When I install both eMMC and micro SSD, board will not boot. So, I have just been using the microSSD card and everything works fine. But, I would like eMMC because it is faster.

So, what is the trick to flash eMMC from microSSD ?


By microSSD, I think you mean microSD card? Right? After you install the image to eMMC, you can just format the microSD card and use it for storage.

When I just install eMMC, I get a message on the screen that I should flash it.

When exactly this happens? How do you install eMMC? On PC or on ROCK Pi?

Thanks, yes, microSD. I don’t have an adapter for the eMMC, so I was hoping I could flash from microSD to eMMC on the Rock PI.

If I insert the eMMC and the microSD, board does not boot, as eMMC is not flashed.

You can flash emmc with a micro-sd card using SDDiskTool v1.59.

Load the Android or Linux *.img file
I think you use the ‘Restore’ checkbox.

But I think the problem is firmware has to have stock recovery and not twrp recovery for it to work.
All radxa firmwares currently uses twrp recovery.
I will try to make a firmware with stock recovery soon to test.

It also requires a u-boot patch for SDDiskTool v1.59 to recognise gpt images which is not currently in radxa u-boot.

I don’t know if you can just add this patch or have to update whole u-boot code from June 2019 to after Aug 2019 where this patch was added for everything to work correctly.

You can also try an older firmware that contains rkparam firmware and uses stock recovery, then you should be able to flash it also to emmc from a micro-sd card.

For the very first time, you might have to connect emmc to a PC to flash, not sure but micro-sd card should boot even if emmc is blank, maybe spi u-boot needs updating?

Maybe Radxa can also create simple script for Linux(Armbian, other OS) that can take your Android *.gpt image and write it to emmc from within Linux booted from a micro-sd card?

I used following method in the beginning to flash eMMC:

  1. Insert SD card, keep eMMC card in position but not fully inserted.
  2. Switch on power, and give it 2 seconds to start boot from SD.
  3. Insert eMMC card.

Using this method worked sometimes if I remember correctly.

A more reliable method is to use the eMMC to uSD adapter or eMMC USB adapter.

A third way is to try a USB 2 A male to USB 2 A male connector to flash using maskrom mode.

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This is very strange, if nothing is flashed on emmc, it should be loaded from microsd.

And when did such a message appear? Just inserted a new emmc and turned on the power?
Then this is a ‘gift’ from sellers. They already flashed something there. It is necessary to reset the first 16M methods described by @aaditya