Cannot flash ROM to emmc

Yesterday, I successfully flashed my ROM via Case 4: Bootable SPI flash, Bootable eMMC module. I did it about 20 times.

But today I cannot EraseFlash or Upgrade FW.
My steps are:

  • Use cable to connect PIN23 and PIN25
  • Power off the board and remove eMMC module
  • Plug the USB Male A to Male A cable to ROCK Pi 4 OTG port (the upper USB3 port), the other side to PC
  • Power on the board
  • Plug NOT Empty eMMC module (I have only one eMMC)

I have this issues:
Try to EraseFlash

Try to Upgrade FW

Why is it happened?

One possible solution is to put emmc in a USB emmc reader and format it on a PC or flash Android 9 gpt image with etcher and then try again with AndroidTool to flash Android 10.
Also you must use AndroidTool v2.67 or v2.71, v2.3 is too old to flash Android 9/10 and will cause problems.
FactoryTool (Restore) can also flash

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I use RKTool v2.74. It has same issue. After that I try to use SW from radxa instruction

I have not USB emmc reader.

FactoryTool (Restore) flashs successful!
Thank you!