Cannot detect SPI

Hi all!

I am trying to make SPI devices work with my Radxa Zero using Ubuntu Focal. I have changed /boot/uEnv.txt like this:

overlays=meson-g12a-uart-ao-a-on-gpioao-0-gpioao-1 meson-g12a-spi-spidev 

But after reboot I cannot detect any SPI device both when using WaveShare E-Ink Display or just shorten pins 12 and 18. MRAA example from here returns Failed to initialize SPI and also I don’t see any spidev in /dev.

I’ve tried different SPI (spi_bus=1) and a number of displays to connect. But still nothing works. Could it be a problem with Ubuntu? Should I try to install something like Armbian?

I think you really need to have a custom overlay for it. If you search the forum there are some posts talking about getting SPI display to work, and you should not use mraa for controlling SPI display.

Did you get it working ?