Cannot achieve 100Gbps with MCX416A-CCAT?


We have 2 Mellanox MCX416A-CCAT network interface (100G Ethernet NIC Card) installed on two Dell Server R720xd. We have used iperf software to generate traffic from server A to server B (6 parallel threads). The maximum achievable bandwidth is near 64Gb/s. My question is why we cannot achieve 100Gb/s bandwidth?

We have the latest driver version and the NICs have been optimized to use multiple CPUs.


Erm. Are you sure that you are using correct forum?

P.S. First, install mellanox OFED to both of servers, second, it’s quite normal, since part is from losing due to coding ~6%, then iperf is also playing it’s role, since it’s not optimized for 100G