Can I use a Rock Pi S as a Volumio / Spotify Connect client with audio output?

Here: it says that the Rock Pi S is the ideal DIY-Speaker so I wanted to know if it is possible to use the Rock Pi S basically as a Echo Dot / Chromecast Audio replacement to play music via Spotify without any Smart / Voice Assistant features. I know that there are other ways than Volumio to get Spotify Connect running on Linux but I am not sure if this is the right hardware.

It’s hard to verify without testing it myself… I don’t own a Rock Pi S, just a few 4B v1.4’s…

But from what I know, I think volumio can be built for Armbian. There’s no support from Volumio for Rock Pi S directly, at least for now there’s not. (scroll down for Armbian)

Thank you for that information. I guess I’ll wait for a bit and see what happens and if someone ports volumio to the Rock Pi S.