Can I use a m.2 wifi adapter on the RockPi 4?

Is the M.2 slot only good for memory, or can I also use it for a WiFi adapter card?


Unfortunately, the answer is no. The wifi adapter is usually M.2 E key, we have M.2 M key(for SSD) on board. It may be possible to make the M.2 adapter board to convert M key to E key, but I am wondering how many people need that.

Which wifi card do you want to use? Intel AX200?

I’m mostly interested in using a WiFi card with full open source drivers so that I can better control the behavior of the device.

Thanks for the response. I may look at creating my own adapter if it is just a matter of making sure the PCI-e lines match up.


@Jim_McPherson which wifi card has full open source driver?

Creating your own adapter board is a good idea. You can also share with the community :slight_smile: