Can I turn a Rock 4 C+ into a bandwidth reseller machine?

I am brand new to this, it was a gift.

Before I start tinkering with this, I do know some basic things but I’m pretty beginner.

I’m running some reseller apps on my Windows machine using Docker.

Has anyone set one up or seen something similar working?

I’m waiting on a power supply, meanwhile, I have the 4 C+ and would love to get it working for this purpose.

And if I can also use it as a media server at the same time, even better.

Thanks in advance for any help.

If You have good image for ARM arch then just run it via docker or podman. For media use plex or jellyfin, both are ok running as yet another containers.

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Okay, I don’t fully understand that but I will start researching ARM arch and see what I can figure. Thanks!