Can I Connect Touchscreen 3.5" with GPIO?

looking at these 2 schemes, the pinout would seem the same of RP Zero

I have installed Androi 9 and it works fine, now I would like to connect a classic 3.5" Touchscreen as Raspberry

Is it possible to set up?


I think because the wiki only shows hdmi its prob not or at least it could be due to touch on the pi also uses spi but the Radxa Zero has a single spi so your stuck with display vs touch.

I wasn’t sure and went with the wiki that SPI is not mentioned as that the answer is no.

The Zero has 2 SPI, then you should probably use display with touch but you should probably make some pin change to make it work because the display hat does not always use the same GPIO.

Not sure if spi works correctly as both khadas & radxa seem to make little mention of spi screens and maybe due to max frequency of spi also.

I dunno but before you buy check as I am still leaning to no.

If your screen is small and needs only a very slow refresh then maybe from what I have googled, also zero2 may also be the same.

I have received a sample SPI display and will work on it tomorrow. However from the pinout it seems like touch will not be available unless a custom adapter is used, so something equivalent to ROCK Pi 4’s current support level can be expected in the near future.

having already installed Android 9 on eMMC will it be possible to set it from settings will it have to be recompiled Android with the instructions and reloaded?

SPI display probably will only be available in Linux, not Android.

I just have that display can you help me what steps did you use in your radax