Can I build rk3399_32-userdebug image for my RockPi 4B+

For some reason I need to build rk3399_32-userdebug image instead of rk3399_box-userdebug version.
So I made the following steps:

source build/ --> OK
lunch rk3399_32-userdebug --> OK
make -j$(nproc) --> OK

ln -s RKTools/linux/Linux_Pack_Firmware/rockdev/ rockdev. --> OK
./ --> OK

cd rockdev. --> OK
ln -s Image-rk3399_32 Image --> OK
./ --> NG

Console print:
start to make update.img…
Error:No found parameter!

Then I realize I need a parameter.txt under Image-rk3399_32 folder but I don’t have.

So my questions are:

  1. Can anyone let me know how to get the parameter.txt file for rk3399_32-userdebug image and finish the last gpt.img building?

  2. Can Image-rk3399_32 image work on RockPi 4B+?

Thank you guys.

which version of sdk did you download ?

Thanks for asking:)

I am using Android TV 7.

Can anyone help?:hushed: