Can I boot ROCK 5B from SSD?

Can I boot ROCK 5B with NVMe SSD only?
What size NVMe SSD can I use?

you can only boot linux with nvme only right now.

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Thanks you for your reply.
Is the SSD size Type 2280?

Yes, the only one mount point is 2280

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by the way, boot from nvme maybe have huge pd handshake issue rightnow

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Is boot from m.2 slot, only possible for NVMe, or any M.2 SSD (sata) can work too?

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only nvme.
there is no sata m.2 ssd support on 5b.

No sata as at the current moment or no sata m.2 ssd support maybe also in the future?

the m.2 solt on bottom only support nvme.
it only has pcie circuit. it can’t support sata.

Oke, so what you are saying is it does NOT support M.2 NGFF (SATA)?

Because that is what i am talking about. If you need that other type, there is i believe a SATA hat or zo.

i means that you could not direct insert m2 sata ssd to any slots on the board.
the m2 slot on the top has a adapter card to convert to a sata jack, but you should use an externel power to drive the ssd.

And that is against Toms Hardware article about Rock 5B introduction.

if you do not believe me, you can test it yourself.
by the way, because of the board not support use sata direct, there is no sata boot support right now, and i had not heard any message said radxa or rockchip will do something let the board support boot from sata.
so sata ssd can only use as extended storage.