Can GPIO from one node be used to boot others?

I built a small cluster,

and installed Rocky Linux (a RHEL clone) and Warewulf on it, which works well to boot the worker nodes by PXE once the BIOs settings were set up. The nodes share a 2-TB NVMe drive attached to the boot node by NFS. I’m very pleased with the whole setup.

I’d like to be able to trigger power on and off of the worker nodes remotely as if I were there to push the buttons on the back in person. A software reboot works of course, but there are dets cases and special circumstances in which I’d like to have this level of control. It seems to me that I could hook up a relay to the GPIO pins of the head node and wire something across the leads of the push-button switches, but I was hoping the GPIO pins of the worker nodes could be used to do this also. Ideas would be appreciated!

Is Wake On Lan not working on this board? It should :slight_smile:

Power setup takes almost half of Your space. I would use one bigger charger and small usb-pd converters (if needed). Also switch can be powered up from there reducing most of those pd chargers as well as long thick cabling for that.