CAN bus not working on Rock3

I’m trying to get the can bus working as explained on

I have two RockPi 3A , two Waveshare SN65HVD230 ( and using Radxa ubuntu images which loads the overlay rk3568-can1-m0.

I’ve wired the 3.3V and GND GPIOs to each transceiver board. Also the CAN1_RX_M0 and CAN1_TX_M0 GPIOs to each transceiver RX and TX pins. I’ve connected the CAN_L and CAN_H between transceivers.

When trying to send anything with cansend, the other board don’t see anything with candump and when using the supplied example can_send.c and can_receive.c, the receiver doesn’t receive any data at all.

Using Rock3A v1.3 boards.

Looking for help as support for the CAN bus is important for my application.

Hello Radxa,

It would be nice if someone can help me here, as I suspect your overlays for can does not work (at least on rev 1.3 of rockpi 3A).

I just received a usb can board ( and a waveshare RS485+CAN hat, with both used on a Raspberry PI, and they work fine on the setup, and still RockPi3A cannot see any activity in the bus with candump and neither other boards see anything that it tries to transmit.

On top of that, I did notice that both other options I’m able to see the “echo” of what I’m transmitting when the link have “loopback on” and with your documentation on rockpi3 this does not happens.
For example:
# candump -t A can0 &
# cansend can0 123#aabbccdd
(2022-04-28 01:41:34.023045) can0 123 [4] AA BB CC DD
(2022-04-28 01:41:34.023191) can0 123 [4] AA BB CC DD

Using rockpi3, only the first line is shown, which is the TX but no “echo is received”.

I would appreciate any help.