Buyer Beware - Gamble with defective product

My device would never work out of the box. I spent a lot of time and energy troubleshooting. After discussion with the company tech support, they determined my Rock Pi was defective.

Since I never got a reply here, I wanted to pass on the solution from the company. I ordered the Rock Pi in early January. It took several weeks to arrive. I’ve submitted for help with a lot of lag in the response. Ultimately, the Rock Pi is defective and has to be shipped back. The company expects me to send it back to Hong Kong. That shipping costs more than the device itself. They won’t replace it until they get the defective product. Then, I have to wait a few more weeks to get it.

BUYER BEWARE… If you have a problem, you’re out the money and time. I should’ve resisted the urge for more power and just bought the Raspberry Pi. Now, I have a piece of electronic junk that does nothing.

It is gambling whenever buy directly from China, Rock Pi is not alone. I don’t think regular consumers should do that. Chinese companies usually won’t refund without having “physical evidence” of the defect. Once I received an damaged item from Alibaba, which is considered as a more globalized company, I had to post a video on the “Chinese version of YouTube” to prove I didn’t photoshopped the damage. But after all this way they keep the cost and the price down. I hope Rock Pi could provide the service up to the level in their major markets, like some European countries, if their revenue could support that.

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I understand… Since making that post, I’ve had more contact from the company in the past 24 hours than over the past 2-3 weeks combined. They want the same thing: video and all kinds of details. The tech support ran me through troubleshooting and determined it needed replaced. Though, one of the emails I got told me that it was highly unlikely that I could have received anything defective. It was completely contradictory.

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