Buy a radxa zero 2 (RS105-D4E128H)

I can not find in any way where to buy this model do you have a direct link?

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It’s not yet available


When will it be available approximately?

Hell, when will the regular Radxa Zero be available again? Only place I can find it anymore is AliExpress for absurdly inflated prices.

there are many on

Available 71 pieces RS102-D4E32W2
Available 66 pieces RS102-D4E16W2

True, but for roughly double the list price with VAT added. That’s about what they’re going for on AliExpress. That said, I did just notice that AllNet seems to have the 512MB and 4GB models available for normal prices.

yes, and they ship orders very quickly, my last order took about 5 working days to arrive to Europe,
and allnet still is much cheaper and better than okdo, which does not ship to most of countries :frowning:

At the first look, I also thought that Conrad has the Radxa Zero 2. It says, delivery 3 weeks, 28 pieces available.

But at the second look I saw it is Radxa RS102-D2E8T Radxa Zero 2 GB 4 x 1.8 GHz

Which is a “Radxa Zero 2”

but is a “Radxa Zero 2 GB”

Are you sure about the Radxa Zero 2 you saw at Conrad, aren t they Radxa Zero 2 GB you saw?