Buildroot for the rock 3 a

The rock 3 a doesn’t need rktools. You can safely remove it from the build system. Try to comment out this line in the rock3a_defconfig file :

I’ve pushed an update to the repo . It removes RKTOOLS :

if you are using radxa kernel you don’t need mali-driver,

Maybe problem here? Is this correct?

boot.scr made with u-boot-utils on ubuntu and then copied works good. Problem in mkimage from radxa repo.

I just updated the buildroot.rockchip repo for the rock 3a. Uboot is now working properly and the system is building/booting cleanly.


I’ve added a Linux v6 branch to the buildroot repo.

In this linux v6 branch, PCIE is working, which includes the RJ45 and wifi networks. The panfrost GPU accelerator is also working. Waiting for upstream Linux version 6.1 or 6.2 which should include DSI support for displays on the DSI connector.