Building Yocto image

I am using Radxa Zero for my project, and I trying build system image with Yocto Project by manual

As a result of the assembly, I do not get the finished image file. But just u-boot.bin, dtbs and rootfs.

Can anybody help me with creating full image or give some documentation how to do it? Some manuals of structure of finished image?

if you have board working you could use dd command to dump the image into the file
dd if=/dev/mmc1blk0 of=/path/to/some/folder/yokto.img bs=1M status=progress
just remember that /path/to/some/folder needs to be some external storage for example usb device bigger then current storage that all the part have been installed

I have working Ubuntu img, but it has different structure and boot files.
How it can help me if i trying build my own image with yocto?

Hi. meta-meson layer supports Radxa Zero now.


You can try the following steps to build one Radxa Zero image.

  $ mkdir ~/amlogic-bsp
  $ cd ~/amlogic-bsp
  $ git clone  git:// -b kirkstone poky
  $ git clone meta-meson -b kirkstone
  $ TEMPLATECONF=../meta-meson/conf
  $ source poky/oe-init-build-env
  $ cp ../poky/meta-poky/conf/local.conf.sample conf/local.conf
  $ export MACHINE=radxa-zero
  $ bitbake -k amlogic-image-sato

And you will get the system image, build/tmp/deploy/images/radxa-zero/amlogic-image-sato-radxa-zero.wic.

Thank you.

I’m trying this metod at this time.

I managed to create the image. It looks not bad)) but still do not get how to
add network/bluetooth drivers and other staff.

Do we need to add any device tree to enable devices??