Building a kernel

gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu does not install using apt, is it in the repo? the u-boot build fails as a result.

I am on the Radxa standard 32 bit Debian image with the Radxa repo enabled and I am trying to follow the instructions for building a Debian kernel.

Hi, Martin

You should build a kernel on PC. Are you trying to build kernel on ROCK Pi 4?

I have the same issue, I realy would like to compile it on the Rockpi.

Mostly becouse cross compiling fail on my mac

Update : I found This Rpisys

Can someone make a defs file for the rockpi?


We suggest use docker to build the kernel to have a unified build environment.

You can download the docker for mac from:

We have added the docker file for the building environment:

My kernel build failed (Debian ARM64), no any detail:

CC [M] drivers/net/wireless/rockchip_wlan/rtl8188eu/core/rtw_mp.o
LD [M] drivers/net/wireless/rockchip_wlan/rtl8188eu/8188eu.o
LD drivers/net/wireless/built-in.o
LD drivers/net/built-in.o
LD drivers/built-in.o

Is it a known issue or anywhere I can find the building log? Thanks.

drivers/built-in.o doesn’t exist.

The error should be somewhere else, before the log, could you paste the full log on ?

My bad a typo in DTS the kernel was not built correctly, fixed.

Can you elaborate? I am stuck in the same place you were.

Try this way: