BTT PITFT compatible

the company Bigtreetech do have a so called PITFT in different sizes. It is a touchscreen designed for a Raspberry pi and connects only by the DSI interface connection.

did someone already installed this screen on a Rock 4 SE?

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yes it works fine on mine

Editing for solution:

Instructions online are based on old debian versions with different ways (.conf or boot env .txt files) and setup files, this has been a real challenge to demystify as a first timer.

In early 2024 you can use the ‘rsetup’ command and then use the interface to navigate to manage overlays, scroll down and be sure to press spacebar to activate the entry of a ‘radxa 5 inch touchscreen’ overlay and press OK and then counter-intuitively press ‘Cancel’ which should say ‘Exit’ in reality… then sudo reboot to restart with the overlay that works on BTT PITFT50 since they seem kinda like clones of each other.