Bsp uboot latest rock-pi-4b-plus failes

I’m struggling to create an up to date kernel image for the emmc (gpt image). As proposed in other treads, I try to achive this with the radxa bsp image building tool. Now if I execute the command “bsp uboot latest rock-pi-4b-plus” this build fails after couple minutes with following error:

BINMAN  .binman_stamp
Image 'simple-bin' is missing optional external blobs but is still functional: tee-os

/binman/simple-bin/fit/images/@tee-SEQ/tee-os (tee-os):
   See the documentation for your board. You may need to build Open Portable
   Trusted Execution Environment (OP-TEE) and build with TEE=/path/to/tee.bin

  OFCHK   .config
make: Leaving directory '/home/mcu/bsp/.src/u-boot'
Packaging U-Boot with Rockchip Miniloader
Using rkbin rk3399_ddr_800MHz_v1.25.bin as TPL
Image Type:   Rockchip RK33 (SD/MMC) boot image
Init Data Size: 131072 bytes
Using rkminiloader rk3399_miniloader_v1.19.bin
Using Rockchip SPI NOR miniloader rk3399_miniloader_spinor_v1.26.bin
Image Type:   Rockchip RK33 (SPI) boot image
Init Data Size: 131072 bytes
Boot Data Size: 90112 bytes
/home/mcu/bsp/.src/rkbin /home/mcu/bsp
x86_64-binfmt-P: Could not open '/lib64/': No such file or directory

I’d like to resolve this error but that far exceeds my skills :smile: . I don’t even have the slightest idea how to proceed here.
Can some one help me out and point in the right direction? Am I doing somehting wrong?

UPDATE: ok, once again I see that almost every issue here leads to the one and only answer: stop using radx tools and start using Armbian.
If someone come across here, no matter what you’re trying to achive, if you’re doing it with radx tool, builld or image, it’s very likley that you can achive it by simply using Armbian. Build your own image: