Broken usb c port and bsod windows 10

Well just got my rock pi x and i’m not happy with their quality level, i opened the plastic case and the usb c port fell off, thought they would do some kind of QC before sending.

The packaging method wasnt the safest either in my opinion, they only wrap the plastic case with envelope, not surprised if the board is damaged during delivery.
So i tried installing windows 10 without the usb c port, using wim method on the wiki, but i keep getting this bsod error after a while. Maybe it has something to do with the broken usb c port ?

Also, i think the driver is unstable, i tried plugging speaker and webcam and the board reboots. (I’m using official poe hat btw)

I tried installing ubuntu and zorin, but problem is the audio port wont work no matter what speaker i tried.
I emailed them and their last reply was 2 days ago.
So i hope somebody here could help me resolve this situation.

What kind of power adapter (voltage/current) do you use and how do you power the board without the USB-C port? Did you power it via the GPIO pins?

From the other picture sent to support email, the plastic case is broken. Definitely something happened to the hardware caused the physical damage. Please ask the distributor for the RMA. If the package is shipped from China, be patient since it’s the Chinese New Year holiday now.

I’m using the official poe hat from radxa, bought it together with rock pi x
The same poe switch and lan cable was working flawlessly for pi 4

What about the bsod and audio issue?
I tried ubuntu and zoran and none of them detect my speaker, my pi4 could detect it just fine.
And honestly i’m buying this so that i can run windows, but it felt impossible to run it normally for just few hours.

  1. Bsod
  2. Reboot, boot device unaccesible
  3. Reinstall , and same thing happened again

I was told that the audio would work normally, but even the OS wont run properly.