Boot from USB before eMMC (Rock Pi X)

Dear all,

Some posts are already written about this, but no answer has been given yet, so I’ll give it another go.

We are currently looking into the Rock Pi X as a small workstation system. For our use case, users need to be able to boot from USB, or from the eMMC where a Xubuntu distribution has been installed on. The boot priority in the BIOS however will be forgotten when power is removed. I’m therefore looking into a way to flash a new image where we hard-code the boot priority to be USB > eMMC > other devices.

I didn’t find an answer yet. Does anyone know if there is a possiblity to do so?


The bios priority is removed because you probably don’t have 3.3v battery attached to Rock pi X, so everytime you turn it off, it will be reseted to the default factory config.

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Hi Zaza,

Thanks for your replay (and sorry for my delay).

I agree, that is the whole issue. We are therefore looking into ways to change that default factory config, so that we are able to flash this to the board and therefore will not be forgotten.

Does anyone know if this is possible?