Boot from nvme is only working with SD card plugged in

Followed these instructions on my new Rock Pi 4B Rev 1.4 with 8MB flash

  • Successfully flashed SPI
  • Was able to copy image to nvme
  • Powered of Rock Pi
  • Removed uSD card
  • Powered on with nvme only – doesn’t boot
  • Inserted uSD card + nvme still plugged in – boots from nvme :laughing:
    (I know this because I made changes in uSD card image and set hostname to linaro-SD and linaro-NVME respectively)

How can I boot directly from nvme without uSD card ? Am I missing anything?

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With only SPI and NVMe power on, what’s the status of the LEDs?

Solid Green and Blue ( was hoping for blinking blue)

The only reason I can think of is the nvme ssd is not supported :frowning: in bootloader, but supported in kernel.
What’s the model of the nvme ssd?

is there a up-to-date List which nvme ssds are supported in the bootloader?

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Sabrent Rocket 256GB M2 2280
Model: SB-Rocket-256

You are right. We should separated the supported list in kernel and bootloader. Currently in kernel, almost all the nvme ssd are supported. We should update that. In bootloader, we should update a new list. We will update the FAQs page.

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I have the same problem, Debian on SSD is loaded only with microSD.

Which SSD model?