Bluetooth on Windows 20H2 - Rock Pi X


My bluetooth for Rock Pi X under Windows 20H2 is not working. Has anybody tried it ?

All drivers are ok under device manager, no unknown device shown.
Bluetooth tries to scan devices but does not find any devices.

Did you attach the antenna? Is the wifi signal good?

I did not attach the antenna. WiFi signal is good.
The supplied antenna - is it for bluetooth ?

You should attach the antenna, it’s for both bluetooth and wifi.

Thanks for your advice. However, I tried to attach antenna, but there is a very small socket at the end of antenna wire which I think should attach to the plug located near the power on switch on the PCB. I tried to press it but it does not fit there.
Are there any assembly instructions for attaching antenna to the Rock Pi X board ?

The antenna is the one beside the POWER KEY, near the WIFI/BT module:

Just push and click it.

Thanks for suggestion. I tried this and Bluetooth of Rock Pi X works as it should.
Thanks again.