Blobless dual 4K@60p output possible?

Hi all,

I am curious because I cannot find any other boards that might offer dual 4K at 60fps output for desktop usage without proprietary blobs. The RK3399Pro as far as I know has upstream Linux and ATF support, correct? And the ROCK Pi N10 has upstream U-Boot support? That makes this board ideal as a blobless desktop, I just wish they put a dedicated DisplayPort port instead of the eDP pins! Blobless dual 4K I cannot find anywhere else so this board is interesting. I don’t know why but the Alt Mode DP via USB-C on RK3399 requires a blob so I want distros with Linux-libre kernel and blobless boot.

Has anyone gotten dual 4K@60p working on this board? What kind of cable can I buy to get a normal DP port from the eDP pins to carry the full 4K@60p signal?

Thanks all