Blackscreen after reboot on Debian Strech Rock Pi 4

So, I installed gnome as a window manager, reconfigured window manager to use gdm3.

Reboot the Rock Pi 4 - now black screen.

Unfortunately I did not install ssh server before messing around with window manager.

Any idea on how I can get back into the Desktop?

Rock Pi 4B - 4GB / SD card for boot / kernel partition and m.2 ssd for root partition.

Try to edit /boot/exlinux/exlinux.conf file and add console=tty0 in the append line. You should at least have hdmi console.

Thanks will give it a try - can you send a link to more info on the hdmi console stuff - how do I enable that? Just to be clear - my HDMI is connected, but this is where I got the black screen after messing with the gdm3 window manager
I am new to the Rock Piā€¦appreciated

Never mind. I think maybe a reflash will work faster and install ssh first.