BIOS power management

Hi! I disabled power management in BIOS and I can’t boot board. I flash SPI, but it’s not helped.
What you can recommend?

symptoms: Blinking blue led from dark to brighter and USB 3 power turn on then off (blinking)

I try connect keyboard and hold del then F5, F4 but not working

You don’t need to hold it, you need to click it for like 20 secs

Now I read need 1.8V, what happens if I don’t use 3.3v to 1.8v adapter, but flash with 3.3v?
Verification show me all it’s ok…

Since for reflash we are using ch341 - it should be fine? Where exactly have you read about 1.8v?

“The Rock Pi X uses a 1.8V SPI flash ROM from Winbond, so make sure you get a 1.8V adapter with your CH341a programmer.”

Hm, then i got lucky myself. Do you have voltmeter?

I just read CH341A programmer manual. And exists 1.8V adapter for this programmer.

But I don’t understand. I flash with 3.3v (without 1.8v) adapter, verification is ok, but board won’t boot up :frowning:

But BIOS flashing reset all settings?

Why need option disable power managment if this board not working with this settings?

If you have voltmeter check voltage in ch341 and chip itself

1.6-1.8v jumping randomly

And my programmer show 3.3v. I hope don’t burn something…

I try with 1.8v adapter, but chip detection then don’t work. without adapter I can flash, but it’s not booting up. I give up. :frowning:


Damn! A lot got into this issue.:rofl:

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