BIOS no POST after flashing

I am having trouble in getting my ROCK Pi X v1.41 board back to life again. I installed Bliss OS Android and it’s working fine initially. I then decided to change BIOS settings. I forgot what exactly I have changed but I’ve got into a situation where all USB ports are not working even after it booted into the OS.

So, I decided to give a try to flash the BIOS ROCKPI_V12_X64_20200924.bin manually using CH341A programmer with 1.8V adapter in Linux host. I did everything in what the wiki says but the situation got worse. It’s not booting, just a steady Green LED turned ON and Blue LED blinking ON and OFF. Only USB 3 is receiving its power but also ON and OFF at the same time when Blue LED is blinking as can be observed when the rgb keyboard is connected. I did try to flash using Windows host but still the same problem.

I noticed that the CPU, RAM and the soldered eMMC isn’t getting hot. I also have no issues with the power supply.

Any ideas on how to resolve the issue? Any suggestions are well appreciated.

EDIT: I did a little experiment. I tried erasing the BIOS chip and same thing is happening. Blue LED blinking ON and OFF constantly with only USB 3 powering ON and OFF at the same time with the Blue LED. I also did the BIOS reset thing with Del, F4 enter and F5 enter without any luck.

First, you should always backup image first
Second, check have you used correct settings for writing?