Best OS to install on Rock Pi 4B


I am intending to mount a system with this board and I am in doubt which is the best option for the operating system. I would like something like Windows 7 or Linux Mint Tessa, systems that I use on two other machines. None of them have professional use, all are desktop for home use and library backup.
I do not want to install Android because I already have it on my phone and tablet.
Thanks for the support!


Id consider checking out O635789’s new Debian ARM64 image.
Once you sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get synaptic (the gui package manager)
You will basically be very close to linux mint in functionality. You can even install gnome or KDE if you have the space and ram. The image has a new version of Chromium with HW acceleration and plays youtube videos very well. I’ve tested all the other OSes for it and this Arm64 debian is by far the fastest and most functional. It’s almost like being on a full desktop pc running linux.