Best Distribution for HTPC

I am a newby to the Rock Pi and Android. I have a Rock Pi 4B+. I have Debian on a micro SD card and it runs fine. Using Debian I have be able to install Android 11 4k or LibreELEC to the emmc drive with no trouble. My question is what is the best os to use with the Rock Pi I have to make a 4k htpc that runs Kodi and streaming apps such at MHz Choice, PBS Passport, of Kanopy (I don’t need Prime Video or Netflick). After installing Android 11 I just got Google complaining about my unsafe installation. The problem with LibreELEC is that I can’t see a way to run the streaming apps. I don’t want to run the streaming apps in a browser because then I would need a mouse in addition to my remote (an ancient Ortek VRC-1100) which I can use with a Logitech Harmony remote. Any suggestions would be appreciated.