Battery power for RockPi E


I’m new to rockpi family.

I’m interested in powering RockPi with a rechargeable battery.

I saw in the RockPi E page following:

When you use PoE function provided by ROCK Pi E, you may power ROCK Pi E by putting DV +5V directly to PIN#2 of 26-PIN HEADER. GND pin like PIN#9 is also necessary.

So, my questions:

  • is this PoE function working out of the box?
  • do I need to enable it somehow?
  • Are there any specifics in powering up with a battery that I should know?
  • Can the RockPi be powered by 3.3V as I saw that the “RK3328” need 3.3V?


@tkulev You cannot power the ROCK Pi E with 3.3V. You’ll need an step-up or boost converter if you are planning on powering the board with a single Li-ion battery.

DIY UPS projects with Li-ion ends up being more costly.
My suggestion would be to go with commercially available 5/9/12V UPS with a modified Type-C cable.
Or a power bank with pass-through charging.

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PoE and Battery Power are different.

You can try some UPS designed for Raspberry Pi, it should work since the power and ground pin are the same. The only thing is the power percentage via I2C, which might be not exactly the same. But powering, charging should be fine.