Batocera Linux OS


I just share the Batocera Linux image I build for Rock5B.

You can press start on a gamepad to also boot into Kodi.
Mpeg2, Mpeg4, VP9, AV1, H264 hardware accelerated video playback is working.
Please share feedback on H265 since it’s the only codec not working correctly.

  1. Enable DRM Prime Renderer in video settings.
  2. Need to change the default audio output to one of the HDMI ones to have sound.

Can you help to troubleshoot H265 video playback perhaps?


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Hi Mo,
firstly thank you for sharing your images with us!
I have checked out your image and was wondering if you have tried running PSX and PS2 roms? For PSX I only get into the Boot Menu (with Memory Card select etc. after changing the emulator in settings) and PS2 roms either won’t load at all and bring me back to the games list or it will display the “PS2 image” with a black screen where the image should be.
I could’t find anything about this issue and checked out the official image too with the same result.
Do you have any tips in this regard?
Thank you in advance!

Edit: PSX files are in .chd and PS2 files in .iso-Format. I have copied all required “files” and Batocera can find them.