Availability Rock Pi 4 m.2 extension board

have anyone seen the m.2 externsion board anywhere available? I want to get a Rock Pi 4 as a replacement for an old raspi to run my home assistant on. I want to have it running from an ssd, to get rid of those stupid micro sd cards. But it seems that there is absolutely no availability of the m.2 extension board.

Is that board maybe open source? Are the gerber files available? in that case i would get the pcbs manufactured and soldered on my own.

You can use any m.2 pcie 4x extender, You are not limited to only this one, sure that one is fitted as well as its rather cheap but many other are working.
If You can wait - then from time to time they are coming back at allnet. If You have no board yet then look for bundles, some shops should have them with nvme kit already.
For me the best option is just to use rock4 with small nvme 2232 modules, they extend just little more than sd card and are easy to fit in place with heatsink and some heat pads.

but any normal extender is not secured in any form, so the connection might be unstable unless i glue it in with a bunch of hot glue. i would prefer not glueing it in.

it still have a 128gbnvme here (was planned for a raspi, but the raspi failed most of the time on initializing it in time to boot properly)

most of those extenders are on some flex cable and it’s not that hard to find som hole to secure it, I would never use any hot glue here,
USB is not good choice for system hard drives, obviously anything else on rpi is just slow.

USB was not my plan. I mean, why should i use usb if there is a m2 slot available.
I think i will just print a holder on my 3d printer