Availability of the Rock Pi E PoE Hat

When will the Rock Pi E PoE Hat (“FE” model) become available, please?


I think we have in stock. Contact @NBA from Allnet.

Yes, you can find it here:

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Thank you :+1: Do you have any in stock in Europe, please?

no, not yet - sorry

A PoE HAT for the Rock Pi E has been sold out at AllNet China and has not yet reached any other area, as far as I know. When will it - preferably the FE version - be available again (in Europe or may be any other area)? I need some.

Will the “FE” model soon be available?
I"m looking for 50 pcs.

is there any chance to buy PoE HATs for Rockpi E? googling for this doesn’t help at all… :frowning: