Auvidea B101 support


The auvidea b101 is an hdmi-csi bridge that allows HDMI input to raspberry pi devices, and can send in audio via l2s. Is there any possibility of this device being supported by the Rock Pi?

I’m attempting to build an HDMI capture device that can take a camera input it stream it to an RTMP server (probably using ffmpeg). Any hope for my project or will I be stuck trying to compile on my own?


I dont get your question. Do you want an HDMI Input? or just a camera input? To stream a camera you just need a camera and a pi. I dont understand why you would need HDMI-IN for that.

The CSI is a camera port.

There are adapters to go from hdmi to csi. These don`t work well. You will not be able to use it with every hdmi output. Better to buy an hdmi capture box. Will be cheaper and easier than to buy an sbc+hdmi-csi adapter, …

To broadcast a camera best to use gstreamer.


Yes, hoping to pull hdmi output from an action cam. Essentially I’m trying to create a mobile live streaming rig. The SBC would bond multiple NICs together and then stream the input to a private RTMP server. The OrangePi RK3399 has an HDMI input that uses the same Toshiba chip as the Auvidea board, although I believe it can actually take in 1080p 60 video.

Would a uvc capture card work? Something like an elgato camlink.


That’s a difficult question. I’ve looked into it. I make Youtube video’s about SBC’s, and I also needed a solution to record hdmi. I tried a cheaper usb hdmi capture device and it didn’t work. No good Linux drivers. I then bought an external hdmi capture box. Works well, but this records on an sd-card. So it’s nothing for you.
I can not say the Elgato camlink could work. You know when you try. I don’t think many people have tried.

Maybe you could use an action cam with wifi? I believe you can stream your images with that.
I think otherwise the easiest way is to use the BPi W2 or OPi RK3399. But with both the software support isn’t very good. You need hardware encoding to do this well. Otherwise it will not look good.

Is a rpi camera not good enough for your goal? There are also usb3 camera modules with Linux support.


For what I’m trying to do the wider angle lens the better, so that’s why I’m trying to find a way to get the action am into the SBC. Also maneuverability is important, being able to mount the camera to a backpack or use it on a tripod or selfie stick.

Is there hardware encoding support for the rk3399?

I’ve already ordered a RockPi 4 so we’ll see.

As for an HDMI capture device, I’ve seen a few that should use UVC and pull the input through as a webcam. Some purport to work with Linux.


hardware encoding is supported on ROCK Pi, I think you need to get the TC358743XBG driver working first.


Yeah that’s what I assumed.


Apparently uv4l contains support for the TC358743XBG but they’ve got an entire set of tutorials for the Raspberry Pi and nothing for other ARM devices. I’m not really sure how to go about porting them over, I guess something to research.