Auvidea B101 1080p30 video not working

Hi everyone.

I have a FLIR camera connected to the B101 HDMI to CSI-2 Bridge Auvidea.

The FLIR camera only has an hdmi output resolution of 720p60, 1080p30 or 1080p60.
I need to use the resolution of 1080p30 or 1080p60.

But The B101 HDMI to CSI-2 Bridge only supports 1080p25 resolutions.

When I put the camera in 720p60 the adapter works correctly. And I watch the video perfectly on my Raspberry pi 3B +.

But I can’t see the video on my Raspberry pi when I put the camera at 1080p30.

Does anyone know if it is possible to watch 1080p30 video on the raspberry pi although the csi adapter only supports 1080p25?

Thank you very much