Audio Jack broke off

While trying out Debian Desktop, I plugged in headphones.
Audio was working ok with the headphones.
Then I wanted to change to a different pair of headphones.
When plugging the other headphones in, it felt wobbly.
Taking a closer look, I noticed that the audio jack had come off the PCB. I think the soldering pads have been ripped off the board.
Compared to all other sockets, this one was not through-soldered.
Furthermore, there was some hot-glue poured over the pads. So I guess Radxa know that they have a problem here.
combined I think I need to return the board.
Be careful when using the audio jack!!


When I got the board and saw the hot-glue on it, I thought the quality is worrying.

And I don’t think it’s reasonable for the microSD card to be exposed to the outside of the board, because it’s easy to touch.

Rockpi4 the cheapest board with rk3399 on board. That’s the answer (:

According to the different production process and technology, the connectors can be divided into two categories
1.Surface Mount Technology-SMT
2.dual inline-pin package-DIP

Each processing method has its own advantages and disadvantages, it needs to follow up specific use scenarios to choose.

Be careful when using the audio jack!!

yes, we know that have a problem here now.

In the process of plugging and unplugging, because of the headphone jack is relatively long, the strength and amplitude of the plugging and unplugging action will also increase. so the headphone jack becomes more vulnerable to damage.

This problem has been solved well now and we will explain how we solved it here.


Hey, I’ve been waiting for an hour.

Could you please explain the detail of this statement:

I’m scared just ordered this:


This solution is very effective

so the solution is buying an extension cord?

The extension cord can change the position of the actual plug well and is a solution to the existing problem.

We will explain how we solved it here, at the right time in the future.

I had the same issue and wrote Radxa support to let them know of the issue, although I’m certain they already knew given the hot glue as a fix(?). If you do the same they’ll make you jump through some hoops i.e. taking pictures of the damage, in order to get a replacement. I’m not even sure whether it will be worth it if I have to cover shipping and import taxes again. sigh

The protective effect of hot melt adhesives is also limited

The audio jack is indeed a lack of consideration for our ROCK Pi 4 V1.3, we accept it modestly

We didn’t mean to design like this way, because of the back of the audio jack is a DDR chip

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Noticed the on ROCK Pi 4 V1.4 you use a different type of connector with a metal ring front, is this issue resolved in 1.4 then ???

Where did you see Rock Pi 4 V1.4? The pictures on Allnet still show V1.3

This is what Allnet sent me when i ordered last month. So assume thats what is shipping now.

I wonder what else was updated on the 1.4 version ?

First, I am sorry for Rocky and others’ bad experience. I have to say, this is a design/engineering tradeoff issue. As Luffy mentioned in previous post, the audio connector type on ROCK Pi 4 is SMT, usually this type of connector is used on products with case. We use it on ROCK Pi 4 because there is no space/room for the though hole connectors.

There are two legs for the current audio jack connector, which protect against the force from the direction of 3.5mm hole in Y axis. And we have tested in the factory on this connectors with hundreds times plugging/unplugging. It proves fine with normal plug/unplug. The glue is to prevent the force from the Z axis, which should not happen usually unless the plug/unplug direction is not exactly parallel with the connector(The case can prevent that). So if you need to plug/unplug the headphone many times, be careful and make sure not pull to the direction with angle.

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Rockpi4 the cheapest board with rk3399 on board. That’s the answer (:

Low cost is not the excuse for the quality. Low cost is only the business strategy and as we said, we want the users in less developed countries can afford it.


This happen to me also. Bad quality of jack and bad fixed on the board. When I was about to buy the board, the guys from AllNet were very kind, but when I reported the problem, they not even answered my e-mail. Desapointed.

What version do you have?