ATX Power Connector Pinout Wrong

Is anyone powering the taco with an ATX Floppy Connector?

I just received mine and just tried but there is a problem: the berg connector on the taco has the wrong pinout for an normal standard ATX floppy cable. 12V is where 5V should be!

This means it doesn’t power up with a normal ATX floppy cable.

I modified a cable and it works but if that cable were ever used to power a floppy drive it would destroy it.

Anyway… not impressed.

Hi, Dalek

I am sorry for your bad experience, the Taco is not exact the floppy connector since there is no 5V power in. You can just check the label on the PCB:


Make sure the yellow cable(12V) plugs to the 12V pin.

Yes it is same on my board. The pinout is flipped. I fixed it by reversing all the signals on my floppy connector by pulling them one by one and change them to reverse order.

Quite amateur bug.