Armbian update and new Armbian-config

We have been using RockpiS with Armbian - and a key use case is the access Point. The latest update Armbian 22.08.8 Focal no longer includes the Access Point !?


Any ideas on how to reactivate the access point ?

service is not enabled by default anymore.

systemctl --no-reload enable hostapd.service

Armbian provides support in

Thanks - how do we get the Hotspot menu item back in armbian-config.

Guys - Just to highlight that if I did not want WiFi services I would not have paid extra to buy the version with Wifi module. Where is the logic in spending the time to modify software to disable WiFi ?

This bricked two of my devices. The follow up systemctl --no-reload start hostapd.service
has not retriggered the hotspot. I have had a look at the hostapd file for the devices that are still running - do we need to make any changes there ?

We have reasons for disabling hotspot service which is usually not enabled. Most people would say “thanks for disabling service” that actually does nothing.

Defaults will never satisfy everyone. The beauty of open source is that you can adjust things according to your needs at any time. hostapd application is not Armbian work, so anyone can help you in case you struggle. As I already noted - in case armbian-config wrapper does not work (and its known that it doesn’t work in 100% of cases), man hostapd / google hostapd is the way to go.