Armbian support

As was stated later Armbian use different boot order, than Radxa version. So for Radxa it’s
Sd – eMMC
amd for armvian it’s

Hi, I like the boot order SD - eMMC more. I installed Armbian from the Radxa Website and then installed on the Rock pi the same image witth dd to eMMC. When I then remove the sd it boots perfect the armbian image from eMMC. I think this is the best way to test different images. I will stay with the rock pi Armbian image from radxa for the main image on eMMC card. it works really good. The only problem I do have is that on debin images my Apple USB Keyboard is not working (it works on ubuntu images without any problem).

I tried switching to armbian from ubuntu ( armbian from radxa downloads ), in an attempt to solve a hang ( like every 2 - 3 days ). Now I can not get my nvme to recognize. The device is a ‘patriot’ scorch 128GB NVMe M.2 PCIe. Ubuntu image could find this device, but armbian can not. Anyone know how to solve this? I’ve tried nightly and stable builds.

I think you installed the Armbian downloaded from Armbian website, not the one from Radxa, right?

Don’t think so. I tried this:


Finally gave up and went back to ubuntu server.

OK, but who has build images using ARM Windwos (downloadable) for this machine?
Or where is the Ubuntu-Version which also can be integrated with an emulator?
I am using RPI3b+ up to now but i have seen those images.

so please send me the WINDOWS ARM-Version for RPI3b+ ?!

was anyone successful in installing docker / omv on armbian?