Armbian OS for Rock 3A

Hello, I am working with Rock 3A (4GB RAM) and eMMC (64 GB). Two months back I am able to download Armbian OS and I was working on that. But now I visited official page ( to check any updation on new OS. But I got the message page not found for armbian OS. So I decided to flash old OS which I was working on, but after flashing the 3A board it is not booting.

Is rock 3A armbian OS supporting now ?

Kindly please let me know regarding this issue.

Correct link should be
I’m not sure about support, but probably You are on Your own to solve most of problems with those builds. For sure You need to write more what it means “not booting”, maybe attaching console uart cable (if that works for You) :slight_smile:

Yes, I used the desktop image of Armbian which presented in the above link .

Not booting in the sense, rock 3A board is getting power (green light), and kernal indication light (blue ) is constantly on. Desktop showing no signal, since it is a desktop OS, my pc not not turning on.

I tried using debugging also, but board is not responding.

Is there any suggestions regarding this?

I’m not sure if that led should blink in every armbian image, as well as HDMI output can be broken or limited.
Try to plug in ethernet cable to router and find device ip address, then ssh.
If You have UART cable - connect it to see output.
Also try official radxa images to see if it’s something about system or hardware.

Thank you, I’ll let you know for any queries.

You can try my personal build:
Some info: Armbian for Rock 3A (unofficial build) with mainline kernel