Armbian can't use adb with Rock Pi S?

Armbian can’t use adb with Rock Pi S??

I am switching each others.
Because I can’t use MIDI sequence with Debian and can’t use adb with Armbian.

Why do you need adb? And when you ask for support (on our expense) always provide logs. (armbianmonitor -u)

When my Rock Pi S gets ip from DHCP, I can’t use ssh until I find out the ip address.
If I can use adb, I can use shell thru type-c usb even though I don’t know the ip address of Rock Pi S.
That’s why I need adb with Armbian.

And when you ask for support (on our expense) always provide logs. (armbianmonitor -u)

And I am sorry but what does it mean??

That means if you choose to solve your problems on my costs, please provide logs that I can see the whole picture right from the start of our session. If you would be paying me by the time you waste, I would not mind. You understand this now?

Armbian is Linux where you wont find Android type of services. On that port a serial console - which is proper standard way to accessing a SBC without a network - is running since since a few weeks. I don’t have this board, but I am almost certain this was tested.

Oh, thank for the information. I didn’t know about the logs. (

Debian is Linux, isn’t it? I am using adb from my PC with Debian’s adbd.

  1. Access from the Host PC/Laptop
    Option 1: USB access(adb)
    By default, the ROCK Pi S Linux image enables adbd services, which is a debug bridge from Android now ported on Linux. With one USB A to C cable you can power and access the board, very handy.

And you mean Armbian can access serial console with usb type-c otg??
If it is, could you show me some links?

I bought a cheap PL2303 USB To RS232 TTL module for serial console but I failed.
Then I found that I didn’t need the module if I would use the adb and it is very handy.

OMG. You will probably not find this Android stuff on any proper Linux out there …

Just power your board via USB-C which is attached to your computer and a serial console will pop-up. You can use any terminal program like putty to access to that console.

Use Google to acquire generic/standard info, not my time.

I think there is misunderstanding here because of my english.
I mean USB-C of Rock Pi S not my PC’s.

There is three ways to access Rock Pi S with other computer.

  1. Using ADB
    Rock Pi S’s USB-C (adbd) <===> PC’s Any USB (adb)
    It’s NOT USB2.0 Type-A of Rock Pi S.

  2. Using serial console
    Rock Pi S’s 3pins <===> USB to TTL cable <===> PC’s Any USB with any terminal program

  3. SSH
    Rock Pi S’s ethernet or wifi <===> PC’s ethernet with any terminal program

I am asking whether Armbian supports first way or not.

There is another way:

  1. Using USB OTG port.

It’s Rock Pi S’s USB-C <===> PC’s Any USB without the need of any adb crap, ok?

ADB way is not a standard way on Linux.

On the version you have, console is not yet enabled. You have to start with a new image.


After I connect my Rock Pi S to my windows 10, I couldn’t find serial port in device driver.

Now I am about to download new image which is legacy kernel 4.4.y.
Is it enough just to burn it to SD card and install it?
Or should I change something more after the install?

Update :
Wow!! COM7 comes out!!
It works!! Thanks!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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on rock pi s add line to /etc/rc.local before exit 0:
modprobe g_serial && /usr/bin/setsid /sbin/getty -L ttyGS0 115200 vt100 &

reboot rock pi s and on linux machine connect to rock pi s:
sudo screen /dev/ttyACM0