Armbian BSP package

just got my Rock Pi S and looking for a suitable BSP. Looked at Armbian. Downloaded the source and build my own packages. Pretty impressive.
Probably so far the smoothest and easiest to get your pwn build done from scratch. I just followed the instructions from here:

The only snag I ran into was running out-of-memory during the build process. I had enough space set aside on a dedicated partition. But I ran out of space since that is where the docker -cache lives.
And that consumes at least 15G+ depending on what package you build.

Other than that build was easy peasy.

Though I have to nag a little. Why do I have to change my password once i logged in the first time.
Then I could not use the password of my choice. And I thought I am the boss? guess again. Additionally I have to setup a user account.
Pretty annoying if one is just to evaluate the package. Maybe it makes sense to allow one to abort?

Other than that, big kudos to the armbian folks.

Secondly, I wished there would be a choice for smaller packaging. Plus using 250Mb just for apt stuff, seems a little excessive to me!

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Armbian is deployment ready OS and this part is about to be changed soon:

Creating user is not mandatory (CTRL - C breaks creating new user as text suggests) while changing root pwd is.

Also being addressed

But yes, there are things to be improved.

If you want to flash to Rocpi S NAND, you need to make a minimal image. Standard is too big. In any case its more or less a standard Debian and therefore its hard to remove more stuff, kernel is already big, not tailored for dedicated embedded deployments …

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