ARM Trusted Firmware / Trustzone support

Hello everybody, I am new to this forum and interested in RK3588 chipset :slight_smile:

We would like to have access to ARM Trusted Firmware for RK3588. Unfortunately, it seems that Rockchip does not provide source code on upstream AT-F for RK35XX products, only RK33XX are supported currently.
Does anybody have any information on the Rockchip policy about contribution to AT-F for RK3588. Any chance that RK35XX will be supported by upstream ATF in the (near) future ?

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only binaries

There is an unverified message that rockchip will release the ATF source code of rk356x soon.

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it sounds good , thanks for that unofficial news…

yeah months ago there was some messages about it

but that atf is not gonna come

Actually someone in pine64 discord have sent an email to rockchip asking for this and was told that they would release code for ATF.

Did this happen in any form? I’ve searched high and low and it does not seem to be the case that we have rk3588 source code.

Any update on this?

unfortunately, only some partial source code is available for RK3568 but not complete for the moment. looks like rockchip is still thinking about publishing their TF-A in open source… if many users/customers ask them, may be it can make move the lines!

Still no support in official ATF for rk3568 or rk3588. Does Radxa work directly with Rockchip? Would Radxa be a source to get the source? I really cannot imagine why they keep their source codes for development boards. It’s basically, buy our development board, but only we can develop for it.

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Still no progress. Support for RK3568 is not complete although some people reports it works and can boot Linux. Still nothing for RK3588.

Looks like the change is still pending, but you can download the pending changes and build it:

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wget -O trusted-firmware-a.tar.gz
mkdir trusted-firmware-a
tar -xf trusted-firmware-a.tar.gz -C trusted-firmware-a
cd trusted-firmware-a
make CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu- PLAT=rk3568

Looks like some initial patches for RK3588 support have been posted: