ARM Linux runnig on Note 9 with Samsung DEX (FAST)

I’ve posted a few links to Youtube videos explaining it in depth. I am using Termux and a Dex compatible VNC Viewer(MultiVNC) to turn my Galaxy Note 9 into a Desktop replacement. I have a widescreen monitor, speakers, 2TB Passport HD, 9 port USB Hub wired and wireless keyboard, wired mouse, 5-in-1 card reader, and can use any bluetooth peripheral that android can use. I chose Debian Linux with XFCE4, but you can choose and Distro you like. You can choose a few different Desktop Environments, and a few windows managers like openbox and few others. A link to the tutorials is below. One is how to install it with Termux and Andronix, and the other is how to run it and how it works with DEX.