Are there plans to provide a > 5.10 kennel for the Debian Bullseye build?

I’ve been able to upgrade the provided debian image from Buster to Bullseye.
However, it is still stuck on older 4.XX kennel.
Looking at
There is support for 5.10 kennel on Rock Pi 5 and Zero.

There are a few things I’m trying to achieve with the Rock Pi E that I’m finding hacky/difficult/not possible to achieve with such an old kennel.

Building a new bookworm release as well as providing a 5.10 rockchip kennel for the Pi E would be awesome!
Are there any guides on how I can do this myself?

They mention Rock Pi 5.
And Rock Pi 5 currently has support for kernel 5.10.
So I expect that Rock Pi 5 and the other more popular boards will receive these updates…

However, for Rock Pi E, it looks like support is not very good.
eg. There is no DietPi.
eg. The latest Kernel you can run on Rock Pi E at the moment is 4.4.194-21.

ROCK Pi E will be updated to mainline kernel, as planned. We should do a first release in two weeks.

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Is 6.1.y, provided by Armbian (6.3.y if you feel more adventurous)

… where Dietpi downloads most of images they “support”, apply branding, and sells advantage BS.


For my specific application, I’m needing the gigabit Ethernet port.
Supposedly that isn’t working with newer armbian builds.

What is the problem? It works perfectly well. Perhaps you have a broken device, unsupported revision, you are running some unofficial builds or you (or the one you read complaining) simply don’t know how to configure networking?

Armbian 23.02.0-trunk Bookworm with Linux 6.1.30-rockchip64

iperf3 -c
101 Mbits/sec

iperf3 -c
954 Mbits/sec

Make sure to support people that provides you this and maintain this in a working state.

I must admit, I haven’t tried it myself.
It was based on an earlier topic here: Rock Pi e Board Version 1.21 ethhernet not working in Armbian
Is your board V1.21 too? If so, I’ll give armbian a try.

Only now you are mentioning board revision and now its probably clear why it doesn’t work. The problem you have is not made by Armbian.

I would proceed from topic you are referring too. Keep in mind that such changes can’t be supported / sponsored by Armbian developers. Until then, hints exists, Armbian provides nice SDK for development. By investing some time you should be able to fix this …

At this point, I’m pretty content with waiting the 2 weeks for the mainline kernel release.

Where do you think they will download this code?

I’m not specifically looking at dietpi.
TBH, any debian or ubuntu CLI/minimal image with at least kernel 5.XX will be fine for me.
And according to post #4 above. Are there plans to provide a > 5.10 kennel for the Debian Bullseye build?

I’m hoping either one of those will be available out of the box, without me needing to apply any hacks or overlays to get the Gigabit NIC working. For maintainability sake.

Sure, but you should know few things. Project is focused only into copying image from someone. Projects sells itself as minimal images, but Armbian / Debian is lighter, far lighter. Most people are simply too uneducated / blind to understand someone is selling pure lie / BS as a key advantage.

When (Armbian) developers fixes a problem, they are fixing it for everyone, while Dietpi does not fix any common problems. They even have balls to demand support from projects they are stealing from and encourage their users to drop shit to people they should respect and support. Anyway developers, that are caring for open source, are totally overloaded with 3rd party problems and its not possible to fix your problems instead of you.

Long term sustainability and maintainability is prime reason why Armbian exits in first place. Everything that is valuable in Dietpi, comes from Armbian … Vendors sells hardware and promises, promises and hardware. They can’t provide you “support of Raspberry Pi”, but you need some time and perspective to see it with your own eyes.

Someone has to get his hands dirty. Thousands of patches already exists. Why? Sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes months, often years before promise of support (from people that has to support competitors with this act too) is realised. It is you who have problems, but if you might be lucky and someone with the need will go that route before you …

Hi jack,

Any updated ETA on this?