Arace Tech where art thou?

When I ordered a NIO12L on April 11, 2024 I knew it would be a wait and the tentative ship date of 5/24/2024 might change. To my delight the ship date was moved up to 5/10/2024 according to their website. When I didn’t receive a shipment notice after approximately a week after that date, I emailed Arace Tech asking for the status of the order.

It’s now May 28 and I have yet to hear anything from them and I have to start to consider filing a grievance with Paypal to force a refund. I understand shipping dates change but to be ignored and receive no response from them is maleficence and makes me question their ethics or legitimacy.

To put things into context, The four computer manufactures I have worked for all had a required policy that customer phone calls and emails were answered within two business days, even if it was to simply acknowledge the receipt of their request while working on their issue. It has never been a problem meeting that policy. I would advise anyone considering a purchase from this company to seek an alternative source. It’s sad to see a promising company fail so miserably due to their own neglect of their customers. Order #ARA5113

Sorry for the bad experience, our sale will contact you.

I’m gonna take this opportunity to mention my own situation.

They reached out to me all by themselves to inform me that they sent me a Yocto version instead of ordered Ubuntu version and that they’ll refund the difference in price. What was very encouraging is that they sent the e-mail way before I received the package.

But because there were no updates on my package for an unusually long period of time, I started worrying that maybe my package was lost. I also wanted to ask why I didn’t get Ubuntu and if I’ll be able to download it later.

So I responded to them and asked.
Days later I still don’t have the package itself, but fortunately I finally got information from customs that it’s being temporarily held for proceedings. Arace on the other hand haven’t responded yet.

I’m in the same boat, order ARA5133. I’ve sent multiple emails since May 10 and my order still has not shipped! In that time I had only received 1 reply from Arace, and that’s after getting Radxa involved.

I suspect that there are many people that are experiencing the poor service of this provider. After making the original post I too immediately got a response from them and here is what it said.

“Sorry for the late shipping.
I sincerely apologize that Order #5113 hasn’t been shipped because Radxa NIO 12L 16GB + 512GB Yocto is out of stock, and it is under production.
To express our apologies, we will ship the Milk-V Duo S 512 MB (SKU :MV003-E0P0W0) first, and we will ship the Radxa NIO 12L 16GB + 512GB Yocto as soon as possible after it is in stock.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

I responded with the following reply:

"Thank you for the response but to be clear, this isn’t about the order shipping time. I expected some delay or availability issue due to the Radxa NIO12L being a new product.

This is about the failure of Arace Tech to respond to my email status inquiry on May 16th after the posted shipping date had elapsed. I have attached it for reference. This broke the trust I extended to your company as a NEW customer.

Imagine if the roles were reversed - You order products from an unfamiliar company that misses a shipping date, you never hear from them and they don’t respond to your email. No customer would be OK with this behavior. A simple and quick response would have maintained my trust and built customer loyalty.

With that said, I look forward to receiving my order in the near future.


This correspondence was on May 28th.

I had ordered the aforementioned Milk-V Duo S at the same time and expected to wait for it since they were ordered together. I felt at the time that their willingness to ship it early was a reasonable response from Arace Tech and was satisfied that they understood the issue…until they waited another 2 weeks to actually ship it on June 11th. They made what could have been a reasonable recovery into a continuing disservice to themselves.

Not to belabor the point, but this company clearly has leadership or company cultural issues that they are not willing to address or improve upon and reacting to disrespectful behavior towards one’s own customers is not an appropriate long term strategy, or one that should be rewarded with future orders.

As of yet, I have not received the Milk-V nor a shipment notice regarding the NIO12L.

I just got a reply back from Arace saying my 4/11 order will “start shipping around June 24th”. I’m not sure why my order which was supposed to ship May 10 according to the listing is now 45 days delayed but this is outrageous.

@Arace @radxa

I will also yake this opportunity to mention, that I ve made a big purchase Radxa Rock 5B (5 pieces) and also Radxa Zero 3W (5 pieces), but noone has answered me and I don’t know whether my parcel is shipped or not. Noone from @Arace is answering me for 4 days, but it was written that they ship within 3-7 days.

Order details

Hi Khristina,

I checked my email and noticed that you sent me a message this morning at 9 AM. I replied to you just now. We will arrange for your shipment today. The reason for the delay in shipping over the past two days is because we were on a weekend break.
Thank you for your patience and understanding in advance.

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your answer here! I am looking forward to my parcel, although I still haven’t received an e-mail from you!